Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my zinnia curse

Zinnias aren't safe around me.

Last year it was aphids.

This year, there was one hot day in the greenhouse after spending two weeks longing for sun in my mudroom - these guys were toast.

I'll start a few more from seed and see if I can coax them into blooming before winter... but I think in a past life, I wronged someone who had something to do with zinnias.

(The tomatoes and nasturtiums and sweet peas along with many others are looking FANTASTIC.  It's just the zinnias.  I'm cursed.)


Kim and Victoria said...

Zinnias can be a pain in the neck, but at least they germinate quickly so you could try again.

Anonymous said...

Do you keep trying from the same packet of seeds? Maybe try a new one...could just be a dud batch.

Dakota said...

Hey there, long time no read. (Not that I've updated either.) I have the same issues with tomatoes... so I propose a deal... I'll start zinneas (mine took off like crazy) and you can start tomatoes, and we'll trade.

Grow Upside Down Tomatoes said...

This is a sad view. Zinnias can really be hard to grow.

Janelle said...

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