Friday, April 10, 2009

baby steps

When did I ever have time to write a blog?  

I have no clue how I managed it last year, but I'm committed to trying again.  As with everything that seems overwhelming, I'll start small... baby steps.

Kind of like this tiny shoot from what I hope is garlic (and not grass or some other random plant that exists, instead, where my garlic should be).

I made a small tactical error last October - I thought you put garlic in the ground in the fall and harvested it in the late spring right before growing season.  Why would I think that?  Because I really am a novice at most of this growing stuff.  The result of my tactical error is that I now have two raised beds FULL of garlic.

The Handyman assures me I can grow some lettuce in between, but I'm still going to have to solicit his help in setting up new raised beds for the rest of what I usually like to grow during the summer season.  Hmmm... maybe my tactical error was just a ploy to get more gardening space!  Well keep that to ourselves...

Anyway. I love that people found me again and left a few comments!  I'll try not to disappoint with long absences and I can wait to go catch up on what everyone has been doing!!!


Victoria Williams said...

Glad to see you back Daisy. Even if it is hit and miss!

Anonymous said...

good to have you back! you've been missed!
- the girl from Norway, where mayonese don't come in a jar ;)

MissoulaChick said...

I grow lots of stuff in between my garlic to maximize space. Dill and cilantro are friends with garlic. Lettuce is a good idea, too. And you could do something short and leafy... maybe radishes? Don't despair.

the larsons said...

Good to see you, Daisy!

African Kelli said...

So glad you are back! And what you do with that garlic is make clam spaghetti with a lot of garlic in the sauce. SO good. And if everyone eats it? You don't know otherwise. :)