Sunday, May 3, 2009

late for the party

Not only are we extremely late with the starts this year, I'm extremely late posting about the starts. 

I'm glad we didn't just to skip it all together this year.  There's something about planting seeds and watching for those first little leaves that makes me feel like spring has arrived.  It's become the apple cider smell of fall or the bright lights of Christmas. 

I decided not to start any cosmos or calendulas from seed.  The calendulas have reseeded themselves nicely in one of my beds, and I sprinkled some of the cosmo seeds that we gathered from the 2007 season into another bed.  We had better germination from them than from the original seeds in the packet - so I'm hopeful they'll all turnout.

I did a few annuals, but I'm trying to start several perennials.  I have oodles of shastas - painted and alaskan, some more delphinium, more columbine, a few butterfly bushes, and some geum. 

Oh, and of course, lots of veggies: pumpkins and squashes and luffa, and spaghtetti's. (We don't eat butternut so we don't grow that one.)  

The organization I work for has recently undergone a name change.  I have a large box of business cards that will soon become obsolete, and I've been trying to think of interesting ways to use them.  They made nice markers for the starts; by the time they disintegrate, I bet the starts will be big enough to be recognizable on their own.

Does anyone else have any ideas about how I could use the other cards?  I have about seven hundred to go...

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Victoria Williams said...

No, but that's a good question. Seems like there should be some way of using those cards.
Love seeing your plants going.
I doubt I could eat butternut squash anymore - we have to peel, core and cut them up at work too often. I hate the sight of them now.