Monday, January 28, 2008

Long day of work, but the seeds are here!

Tonight - NO MORE work. I had an early morning spending time on the website I'm redesigning for the institute where I work. Then, I had to meet my boss to go over the website and make copies of the syllabus for the natural resource dispute resolution class I'm helping teach this semester (well, "teach" is a bit of a stretch... my boss "teaches," I think I'll be there more to "assist.") Then, my boyfriend, who wrenched his neck and shoulders while refereeing a hockey game in Helena Friday night, wanted me to get out my table and work on his shoulders - once upon a time I was a massage therapist in North Carolina (I might be better at that than "assiting," but "assisting" is easier on my hands so I'll stick with what I'm doing now).

So, it was a long day, and now I'm going to start my garden journal. I kept a journal during my ecology course, and I was pleasantly surprised how nice it was to have drawings/sketches of plants and animals and tracks to document my time up in Condon. My Burpee seeds came in today, and that's really the push to get started learning about all the seeds I ordered - I admit, I simply pointed and clicked without really understanding too much about what I was getting (that's the great thing about the internet, right?). So, now I'm learning what will work in partial shade, what needs absolute full sun, what should go in the back of the garden, what is tall and needs to be staked, what is tall and doesn't need to be staked, etc. Since I'm planning on ripping up a large chunk of the front yard, I'm hoping that I won't stall out with such a large undertaking...hence, the homework/journal/learning exercise. Otherwise, I am the furthest thing from conscientious. So, in this little journal, I'm listing important information and sketching out what the flowers will look like (sketching from the book is a little lame, but I want to keep learning and nothing can grow here yet! When it does, I'll sketch from actual plants...)

I'm going to toss a photo of last year's Easter egg hunt in the backyard at the end of the blog - check out the Forsythia in the background. It's the large yellow bush that you can't miss. I haven't done a bit of pruning or care for it since I moved here several years ago, and it just keeps on going... I've never really liked it that much, and my boyfriend has staked a claim on it. So, it might not be there too much longer. It's interesting that the flowers, the yellow in the picture, come first in the spring before the leaves. There's your not-really-interesting fact for the day. If you need more, there's also the fact that our President, during the State of the Union Address tonight, said, "Hispanish."

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Anonymous said...

Hi girl,
Welcome to blog land! I'm glad to know your blog's site so I can keep up with you more! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Good luck growing your own food.