Wednesday, April 9, 2008

this is all I'm good for

Have I mentioned I'm headed to the Grand Canyon for three weeks?  Yep, bring on the kegs and steal the silverware - I'm leavin' town.  (I have a house sitter so I feel marginally comfortable sharing that with whole, wide world of internet.)

I finally turned in that pesky graduate school portfolio.  My advisor seemed to care nothing about my tardiness - I had a hunch that was the case which is why it was not more timely.

I finished a draft website for my boss that he's been hankering for...

Plus, I just finished that freelance website I agreed to back in December.

Why am I not crying, "Whopee!" you ask?  Well, it's because I feel like this.

Which, in Daisy-terms, is absolutely exhausted.  I just finished packing, and there's more to be done work-wise.  

As soon as I get a little bit more of this...

...I'll post about the fabulous upside-down tomato posts that are resting, temporarily, on my raised beds... just waiting for me to get off the river and back in the garden.  And that handyman has made great headway on some spankin' new raised beds in his backyard.  Photos will come.

(Thanks to Kerry for the pics, I suppose.  Don't know if they're flattering, but I can attest to the fact that I was absolutely unconscious when they were taken.  That greenhouse just gets so warm and babies are so cozy...)


Virginia said...

Let the adventures begin. Hope you and the handyman have a wonderful trip. I'm going miss not talking to you everyday, but looking forward to all the funny stories I'll get to hear on your return!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great adventure that sounds like! I'm jealous.