Sunday, February 24, 2008

book-less book club

Well, I must say that the book-less book club was considered an overwhelming success for all involved. Crostini apps: delicious. Dinner: fabulous. Dessert: decadent. Movie: entertaining. Barefoot Contessa: a kitchen goddess.

You've seen the crostini apps before, and I won't bore you with those again. Moving on. I’ll mention the ingredients of Ina’s summer garden pasta (how weird to make in winter, but we try not to follow common logic ‘round these parts – it’s boring). I won’t mention everything as I have a deep sense of guilt when it comes to copyright, but I am also sure that if you try this, you will be compelled to run out to your local bookstore and purchase all her books… so there.

Four pints of cherry tomatoes. Lotsa basil and garlic and red pepper flakes and salt and olive oil and parmesan and black pepper and doesn’t this sound fantastic already? Add the angel hair pasta, and you’re good to go. (do let the other ingredients soak for a bit though… the flavor will be incredible.)

I don’t have the recipe for the fantastic dessert because that was all Kassidy. But, the raspberry chocolate torte was so tasty – the picture just doesn’t do it justice.

Here’s to book-less book clubs!

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Kassidy Kern said...

Honey you're the hostess with the mostest. I was just your Girl Friday along for the ride. Thanks for the venue and your sparkling personality. It was, as always, a sincere pleasure to spend an evening in your company.