Wednesday, February 13, 2008

four things I'm liking today

Okay, I said I'd share more about eko compost. I can't really vouch for what's in it, although the website provides some amazing information about what constitutes good compost and how much is their product.

Last spring, Erik and I took a trailer full of green waste to the eko compost facility here, and purchased a cubic yard of eko compost for $24 that went right back into the empty trailer. (I'm going to have to double check that figure...) It took a little less than a cubic yard to fill my raised garden beds, and - Holy big produce, Batman! - my pumpkins and zukes were huge! Now, in case you haven't figured out that my haphazard way of doing things when I cook actually applies to gardening as well, I will mention that I know very little about gardening. Which means eko compost rules. I have no idea how expensive it is by the bag or where you'd go to get some, but a similar product is worth it. I'll let you know if it's just as good this year, but I'm kind of counting on getting a couple of years out of that dirt. Now I just need to get my own compost system working so I can keep that dirt rich...

Bennington Potters is a company out of Vermont that sells machine-pressed, hand-finished pottery. Meg and Ambrose deserve credit for finding these folks for me; they registered there when they got married. I have always loved the idea of having handmade pottery (this is close), and I waited and waited because I kept thinking that if I got married, I'd admittedly copy Meg and Ambrose and want to register for pottery dishes and bowls and such. Well, fellas, the pressure's off - I've gone and done it and I'm getting my dishes. I got a set of four dinner plates from my mom for Christmas, and I think they're the cat's pajamas. The nice thing about this company is that even though they do utilize a pressing machine to make their products, real people finish them. (as opposed to fake people, I know). Their stable business model means that their basic colors will be available for a long time (and I may need a long time before I'll actually be able to get that wedding registry!). So, I'm starting out with some dinner plates, and every once in a while, I'll add a little bit more to my collection. I can't get them all at once, but it sure beats waiting around and pining for a proposal just so I can have my dishes. Boy, I'm realizing I'm bordering on the ridiculous today... or am I past bordering and just downright ridiculous?

Moving on... I did finally get into Scott Kelby's 7-Point System for working with your photos. Erin posted an action on her website, and after trying hers out, I'm totally hooked. Sometimes the book feels painstakingly slow, but I feel like I'm beginning to understand how much more photoshop has to offer... it's a whole new world!

Lastly, I was craving cookies, and there are none in the house. I found an Attune bar in the fridge, and it totally satisfied my craving. My packaging looks different than theirs, but I honestly have no idea how long it's been in the fridge; I suppose they may have made a change. Anyway, their tagline says, "Keeps Your Body Humming." I think I'll leave it at that...

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