Wednesday, May 7, 2008

and I'm back!

Recent agenda. Off river on Sunday. Walked ALL over Flagstaff, rented car, drove to Phoenix, flew home on Monday. Defended masters portfolio on Tuesday. Traveled and worked workshop Tuesday night and must sleep in a bed that is not mine yet again.

Sounds like a pitiful ploy for sympathy coming from a girl who had a three-and-a-half week vacation, doesn't it? Yes, I've been busy, but the truth is, I had no phone, no email, no boss, no school, no bills, no stress - I just worked my way down the Colorado River by boat and hiked as far up as many of its beautiful side canyons as my office-weak, sunburned little feet would take me. Not to mention the fact that this morning I got the news that I am no longer a student... in the good, you-haven't-failed-out kind of way. So really, I am a grateful individual. Even in another hotel tonight after some really busy days, I don't think I could be happier.

There are so many things to post on, but my eyes will hardly stay open. There are pictures from the trip of plants and sunrises and wait till you see our crazy kitchen setup! There are pictures of all the starts and how they fared in the mudroom/greenhouse and makeshift trailer/greenhouse (that handyman is so clever!). There are pictures of the construction of new raised beds over at the handyman's. And I don't think I've posted about MY beautiful upside down tomato plant hangers yet. Soon there will be family to cook for, friends to celebrate with, nasturtiums and morning glories to be potted, more seeds to get in the ground, and a month of dog poop in the yard that must go!

So there's much to do, the list is long, the urge to do it all at once is coming on strong, there are chores to be done and people to meet, but for now? for me? the new agenda? Sleep. (apparently I channel a bad dr. suess when I need to go to bed. forgive me.)


African Kelli said...

What fun! I am so glad to hear it was a good trip. Can't wait to hear more details!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are finally back!