Saturday, May 31, 2008

hanging baskets and saturdays

My hanging baskets are done. Each time I go to the farmers' market, I marvel at why anyone would pay $50 for a hanging basket... and then I get home and I look at my puny baskets. Next year, I will start seeds in December, but for now, I will have patience and be proud of my baskets that I started completely from seed. (Though I still covet those beautiful overflowing baskets at the market.)

My baskets are all different but contain alyssum, petunias, geranium, and lobelia. I'd never heard of osteospermum, and consequently don't have any in my baskets. But, it's in a lot of the hanging baskets here - I'm getting some seeds next year for sure.

Since I had to water a lot last year, I'm putting a layer of plastic in my baskets to see if it helps reduce the evaporation. I'm also sprinkling in some osmocote because I read that petunias get really hungry. I totally dig petunias. They're in every basket/pot I own.

Things are going well out at the community garden plot. I reused some landscape cloth that I found on my plot, and I just put it down "as-was. " Turns out, I needed to cut the holes bigger. Apparently, someone else either put seeds in the holes or started with some really small starts. My starts were too big, and needed a little more room. The luffa are pretty sad. Their stalks are firm, and the handyman and I have hopes that they will revive themselves - but the outlook isn't bright. The zukes and pumpkins look great, so I'm already making room in the freezer. Can't wait to stock up again for the winter...


Anonymous said...

Be proud of your baskets, I think that's gorgeous!

Liz said...

Your baskets, your raised planters, the upside down tomatoes - all beautiful...even if I am now feeling a little ??? as I just returned from the nursery with 2 hanging baskets...ready to go.