Wednesday, May 14, 2008

raised beds parts 2 & 3

"Where is part one?" you might ask.... hmmm... well, I've accepted the chaos, folks, and pictures are getting lost. That's just that.

Follow me anyway. (And, Mom, if you ask for one of these for your birthday, don't tell Dad where you got the idea.)

Part one has pictures of sod coming up... use your imagination here.

Next, there's some dirt... and some holes.  Aren't I helpful?

The handyman is pretty particular about how he builds things.  My version of a raised bed would be "artistically" asymmetrical - I think that's why I'm taking pictures and not helping on this one.

I found this little guy to be particularly interesting. I've seen a level before (and I actually know how to use it), but I haven't seen this little string leveler. SUPER handy.

I'm not the best "how-to" documentarian because I can't really remember what the handyman is doing here. I believe this was before I was tasked with scooting the leveler-thingy around while the handyman made chalk marks on the posts but after the first round of concrete was watered.  Don't quote me.

I forgot to mention that not only is part 1 missing, but I haven't taken pictures of part 4 yet - and then the sides finally go on and the dirt comes in. Seems like forever till we get some plants in there, but I think we'll make by the "last-average-frost" date (and by we, I mean the handyman).


Bramblemoon Farm said...

The handyman looks like he is doing an excellent job! I can't wait to see the finished pictures. I had raised beds, then we moved and haven't made new ones yet.

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