Wednesday, May 14, 2008

just another canyon shot

My parents are in town right now, and there's no way to thank them for everything they've done to help me around the house. Part of my blogging absence is due to the fact that I started this blog to let my mother "peek" into my life, and now she's here! I feel like I was a terrible daughter this mother's day - my cooking a Mother's Day dinner can not compare to my parents' generosity with their time and effort. Pictures of me make them happy, so... as I get back into the blogging world, I'm posting one from the trip. It was mailed to me (can you believe I haven't actually downloaded my own pics yet!?!?! There should be some kind of blogging reprimand...)

So, I have high hopes of another post this evening, but in case I don't make it, here's your picture, Mama!

(I feel a little silly being dressed in all that garb, but I'm working with what I have.)

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Virginia said...

I love this picture...the handyman looks so cute all scruffy!!! Glad y'all had such a great trip.