Tuesday, June 3, 2008

last of the upside down tomatoes and a creepy sweet pea

You would think these buckets grew dollar bills since I post about them so much, but I promise, until there's fruit, I'm not blogging about them anymore... after I show you these pictures.

The Handyman is taking off supports now that the concrete has set. (and in case you're curious, those are cucumbers in the pot between the tomatos posts. I've never grown cucumbers before, but I'm hoping I can train them up the posts.)

Next, here are some potted flowers... It's not anything special, but I wanted to prove that there were some weird shadows when I was taking pictures.

I promise I did not add shadows in photoshop. Nor did I paste in that little spider lurking on the wall...

It's a mixture of Eckford sweet peas and senator sweet peas. Hopefully there will be some better pictures when the sweet peas start climbing and blooimg - more sun, less creepy.


MissoulaChick said...

The cucumbers might climb the posts, however, that kind of pressure treated lumber ain't good for contact with food plants! Possibly bad for you. Check out http://gardenaut.blogspot.com/2008/04/pressure-treated-lumber-cautionary.html
for more info

Anonymous said...

The treated lumber used for those posts is ACQ, which contains high levels of copper, but no arsenic, and as such is safe. Especially in this case since the vines will be climbing up the post. As it turns out, mere contact by the stem and leaf is not sufficient for copper to be taken up by the plant, it has to be actively transported across root membranes.

Maggie said...

This was great too read