Saturday, July 26, 2008

cukes, squash, cabbage, and hollyhocks

I have one cucumber, and that one cucumber has become Myosotis' favorite pee spot. It's a dangling green fire hydrant right in the backyard, and Myosotis is quite happy to do his duty. It's okay. He's a boy dog. It's what boy dogs do.

These guys are going nuts.  I'm going to have to research some tasty squash dishes to sneak them into the Handyman's dinner.  'Cause there are a lot of them... And I can't eat them all myself.

But the Handyman's on his own with the cabbage.  I like it in my Taco Del Sol fish supreme burrito - and not much elsewhere.  Maybe I'll be convinced to try some cabbage in a homemade burrito... But that's it.  No coleslaw.  Coleslaw has mayonnaise.  And my passionate hatred for mayonnaise has tainted the cabbage forever.

Mom, these are the hollyhocks I was telling you about.  Early this spring, I was told they wouldn't bloom their first year in the ground, so my expectations were lower than low.  And what a great surprise!  They're beautiful.  

Now that I have some in my garden, I'm noticing hollyhocks all around town. They seem to be a garage flower... There are tons of little tiny, makeshift garden beds behind people's garages that are full of giant hollyhocks. It's quite the phenomenon.

That's it!  Tomorrow, I pick up dog poop and mow the lawn.  Anyone want pictures of that?

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