Saturday, July 5, 2008

mr. fox from the anaconda-pintler wilderness

I have so many photos I want to share, but I'm on the laptop. It's too much trouble to get on the big, powerful, yet-to-be-corrupted desktop, and I'm ready to be done for the night. But, there will be pictures of teenage hooligans, roughing it in the woods... wait... not just the woods...the wilderness. Tomorrow.

For tonight, I want to share some photos of this little fox we saw before meeting up with the hooligans in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest - where the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness is located. I'd followed the Handyman out of the parking lot on the wrong trail which was, of course, leading us in the wrong direction. This was his trip, and I was along for the ride - I neither looked at the map myself nor did I complain when we had to backtrack. Especially because after retracing mysteps for a sweaty half mile, I saw the Handyman with his hand and mouth in the "Shhh" position. Both dogs were obediently lying at his feet.

I snuck up and saw this guy lying on the trail. Mr. Fox was such a good sport! He waited for me to get out my camera, then looked around so I could get some good profile shots. Then Mr. Fox settled in for a snooze while the Handyman and the dogs headed back to the parking lot to reference our map (I hear your questions already, the map was too big to carry - long story.)

I waited. And waited. And had the most peaceful time clicking away tens of pictures of the little guy sleeping. I was getting worried that he was hurt or sick because he didn't seem at all eager to flee. Then Handyman came back to let me know that, yes, we were headed in the wrong direction, and Mr. Fox ran off with a lovely, lively bounce in his gait.

What a fabulous way to start a backpacking trip.

Tomorrow, I deliver the hooligans.

And then it's back to the cooking and gardening theme on this here blog...


Anonymous said...

What an awesome shot. I have yet to see a fox in the wild.

Kassidy Kern said...

Don't fool yourself into thinking there's an actual theme to this site, honey. It's delightful randomness and we love it just as it is.
(P.S. I loved Handyman's "I smell smoke" face in the last post. He actually seemed angry at the smoke. Like it had the audacity to be fake-burning your house. I liked it. And was a little scared.)

Victoria Williams said...

Lucky you! Such great photos.