Thursday, March 27, 2008

adventures in bread-machine bread-making

A few months ago, after the first batch, I asked myself, "How could bread-making go SO wrong?" I'm clumsy and I'm careless, but, seriously, the things that have come out of my breakmaker have been so far from edible that I decided Leigh's chickens would probably turn their beaks up at the mere suggestion that my mistakes were to be consumed by them.

That is, until the handyman figured out we were using wheat flour that was WAY too heavy. The paddles stop turning when the motor reaches a certain temperature, and even though the machine proceeds as though all is well, all is certainly not.

So, after three inedible loaves and a threat to return my parents' Christmas present back to it's home, I now have new flour and a new outlook on this precious machine.

Since I'm still finding my way with this machine, I'm sticking to simple wheat bread and pizza dough recipes. (okay, the handyman did the pizza dough, I'm still in the wheat-world.) But, once I get this down pat, I plan on taking over the world, or just my town, with loaf after loaf of yummy creative bread.

Your average wheat bread ingredients (our grocery store has things like gluten, yeast, and milk powder in bulk - those are the round plastic containers):

Stuck in the machine. The dough got underneath the paddle and baked itself into the bread. More funny than problematic.

Waiting for the knife...


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