Sunday, March 9, 2008

cold frame on the raised bed

The handyman decided to put a cold frame over his raised bed. He spent his Saturday cutting and hammering and whatever else handy men do. For now, some lettuce and spinach seeds are hanging out, but who knows what else will end up in there...

So, the above pictures show the box with the lid latched completely open. Here are some pictures of the handy adjustable prop and the heat lamp .

There's a nifty temperature gauge that's intended to tell the temperature inside and outside a car - not sure how old that is. Regardless, it reports the temperature in the soil as well as in the air in the cold frame.

Putting in lettuce seeds. Soon the produce department will be in the backyard and there won't be a need to go to the grocery for fresh salad.

(In case you didn't get to see it before, check out the picture of this same raised bed from last year.)

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African Kelli said...

Holy holy moly -- that raised bed is so fantastic! Do you live in a fairly temperate climate? i am wondering if I built one of these on casters, I could wheel it out of the sun in August so my plants don't fry...
You are giving me lots of great ideas!