Monday, March 10, 2008

four bags I'd really like to buy (and other etsy favorites)...

I've got a batch of coffe ice cream batter chilling in the fridge, but I'm too pooped to fix the pics that go with the recipe.   So, while I feel guilty about not writing on gardening or cooking, I thought I'd let everyone in on my quest for a new bag/purse/thing-to-hold-everything. Like the composter that I still haven't actually bought, I'm sure I will analyze this for way longer than I'll admit. But, I like to feel sure about things, and I really like ALL of these purses. So... I'll stare at them a while longer.   I'm new to the etsy thing so I might even have to explore some more.  

Out of all of these bags, I could probably use something like this the most.  I don't really have anything for the "I-need-a-tube-of-lip-gloss,-my-wallet-and-my-phone" kind of night out.  I have more of the "there's-so-much-room-surely-I-should-take-this-too" bags.  Redrubyrose has quite a few cute little clutches....

The Wine Tasting Weekend bag was definitely my favorite. There aren't actually any for sale since Paco and Lupe is sold out... but, my wish list has this bag on it with the little feet things that are on P&L's Tiramisu bag. What really got me was that I think I could fit enough stuff for an overnight in the bag without feeling like I'm lugging a humongous carry-on around. I don't really take that many overnight trips, but isn't consumerism all about the unnecessaries? (and besides, I really don't have a compact gym bag.  Um... that's a terrible justification.  I usually let my dog drag me along the river for exercise.  Maybe I can't have this one...)

The giraffe bag from Sarah Jane Designs was actually late to make the list, but as soon as I saw it, I couldn't help but really like the bold design and the size. (see above comment about not having any small bags.)

This one from Lula Ballou was another favorite. There were several, fancier or more business-like messenger bags at Paco and Lupe, but I really like the versatility of a bag that can have a purse strap, a shoulder strap, and backpack straps without screaming, "I'm functional and useful! Buy me because I make sense in so many ways!" If I'm carrying a legal pad or the company macbook (which I really hope to be assigned to permanently), over the shoulder is fine. If I have my humongous, fifteen-pound Dell from when I started grad school, my back aches after two blocks with the strap over one shoulder. I also like the versatility of getting to pick the fabric that I like - but I think that's supposed to the the etsy-appeal... the sky's the limit and it's worth the effort to ask!

So, there were some other etsy folks that I thought I would mention. If you're looking for clothes or hats, these gals have some cool stuff: sweet charlotte and piper and paisley. Enjoy browsing! (then buy!)

(ps I really need to change the name of this blog to "a blog for cookin', gardening, and whatever else I feel like writing about.")


Virginia said...

You know what I would do?!? I'd buy them all...okay, maybe I'm not the best person to give advice on handbag purchases. We both know I could afford to buy a small island somewhere in the Caribean with the money I've dropped on purses these past few years.
Seriously, I love them all. Now I'm
heading over to etsy to shop!!!

Virginia said...

Don't overanalyze...just buy!!!
P.S. I do know how to spell "Caribbean" right.

African Kelli said...

I am pretty in love with that giraffe bag now too! So pretty.

Kassidy Kern said...

Yes, you should change the name of this blog to include all of your randomness, though I think that would necessitate making a new blog wouldn't it? I don't know these things, I just work here.