Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a baby in the greenhouse - part II

I know I psyched a few people out with my last "baby in the greenhouse" post, but this time is different... These really are MY "babies," and I am so proud of them!

The handyman and I went to the greenhouse early this morning - 'round seven o'clock. Then, I drove him to class, and since I've been out of town for the past two days for work, I promptly took my over-traveled self to the couch for a nap.

I should also admit that during my last report I mentioned that the geraniums had germinated. Not so. I didn't check my garden journal, and though I remembered the dahlias and geraniums each had their own but also shared one tray, I forgot their exact whereabouts. I actually have four or five dahlias, not geraniums. That's okay because the geraniums just take a little longer... they'll be here soon.

Now I need to show off my "babies." First are the dahlias and then there is one pic of a teensy-weensy petunia. The petunia probably has ten or twelve little friends who have shown their little leaves, and I am thrilled. Since these aren't actually children, I have no problem saying that, above all other starts, the petunias are the cat's pajamas, and if they die, my heart will break.

The color is a little warm because the lighting is absolutely terrible early in the morning. Photoshop is my friend, but I've yet to master all her tools...

We ended up running errands this afternoon and headed back to the greenhouse to make sure the handyman's experiments hadn't dried too much. (And, of course, I wanted another peak at my starts!)

The tiniest petunia.  At least I hope it's a petunia. I'm going to be dreadfully embarrassed if someone comments that it's a weed!

We took a drive so the handyman could pay his car insurance, and I got this shot of the stately Mr. Myosotis.

The last shots are of a table that I'm thinking about buying. When I got my current job and realized I'd be working from home, I looked high and low for a desk that I liked.  I wanted something simple, no drawers, no turned legs or fancy elaborations - just something classic with a helluva work surface.   I couldn't find one anywhere.  Then, one day, my dining room table caught my eye, and I saw it in a completely different light.   I seduced it into my office where it has lived happily ever after as my desk.

All of this is fine and good, but now I don't have a dining room table - hence the quest. On our errands today, I had the handyman check out the joinery on this table, and it has sadly been vetoed. Nevertheless, I had taken pictures so I could better imagine it in my dining room. If you're in the market for furniture, I would not be bashful about bringing a camera to document your search. I've found it to be particularly helpful...

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