Monday, March 17, 2008

updates from Saturday night

So Saturday night, I had a lovely time with the girls and discovered the most amazing wine-bottle opener I've ever seen. I decided I had to take a picture to share. Kira got this as a gift from her brother, and my search to find an identical one on the internet was fruitless. There were several similar options when I searched "table top wine bottle opener." If you know a connoisseur who consumes his/her fair share of vino, I highly recommend this. I, however, am not that connoisseur, and I will simply enjoy Kira's again next time I'm over there.

The greenhouse update is that I have 2 geraniums that have popped up. Either 3 petunias have come up, too, or I've got some weeds (most likely weeds, but I'll muster up some hope).

Erik and I put in eggplant, some oregano, a tray of sweet onion and a tray of red onion, cabbage (we were a little late on this one), bell peppers, leaf lettuce, and romaine.

I'm surprised I forgot to get a picture of the geranium sprouts, but I promise to have one next time. Have a great Monday!


Heather said...

Every time I check in with your blog, I'm reminded we've got to get cracking on our garden!!! Can't wait to see the pics of everything you grow :-)

Amy said...

Hi! I'm friends with Erin. . . I think she said you know who I am! We're moving to Bozeman this summer and I'm so inspired by your efforts to grow things in Montana. I figured it would be a lost cause. At 7,000 feet here in Colorado our garden is pretty pathetic.

Anyway, I'll definitely get in touch when we get to Montana. I'm sure we'll be up your way in our explorations of the state and would love to get together!

erin said...

Oh look, Amy was here! :)

Daisy, just logging in to say that your blog makes me TIRED...I swear you guys are the most industrious people I know!

Daisy said...

Coming from you, Erin, that is a HUGE compliment! I had the same thought after reading YOUR blog!!