Monday, June 23, 2008

egress windows: actual windows

Progress is fast now...

There's my contractor, Matt. That really big saw didn't cut all the way through. The other guy that gave a bid said the saw would leave marks where it has to over-cut (there's a long explanation, and I'm too pooped to elaborate. Just trust me. I was prepared to deal with a little extra cutting on my bare-as-bones concrete wall.) Matt made it happen without the over-cutting, and it's pretty. I like pretty.

I'm not sure what's happening underneath that tarp. There's a lot of light. Emma will figure it out.

Look at Matt swing that hammer. He's totally a pro.  

Can you keep a secret? Yeah? Well, Matt fired the brawn this morning. Matt's the brains. Recently-Fired is the brawn. Was the brawn. Anyway, the sledgehammer-swinging is keeping Matt out of the gym today. Yep, that hammer is his very own Nordic-track. I don't think I get a discount for providing him a workout today. But if he wants to cancel his gym membership, I can make sure he has daily projects. There's enough around here for Matt and the Handyman.

Nice work, Matt!

Matt? ... Matt? You okay?

Whew. That's better.

Thought things were gonna get dicey there... And the concrete cutter left days ago (which would normally spell trouble for me.  Yep, S-H-A-R-P.  That's trouble.  I can't remember if I posted the pictures of the non-stitched wounds, but I've been having a heck of a time with sharp things lately.  All healed now.)  Anyway, Matt's safe. Which is good. Cause those windows aren't done. His workout can't be over yet.

Hey! I know what that is!! They let me use one of those when I was on the fire crew. It's a drill. Once upon a time, I was handy, too. Stop laughing. Seriously. This gal has spackled and painted and crown molded (um...) and put up roofing and built signs and welded... Okay, I never welded. Those guys let me use tools occasionally, but they weren't stupid. I never even put the mask on to watch. But there was definitely welding going on...

Anyway, you done yet, Matt?

Final pictures coming tomorrow.  If Matt finds a New Brawn...  Cause there's a lot of dirt to move. 

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