Sunday, June 8, 2008

primary mojitos

While we watched the political commentary on the Montana primaries last Tuesday, the Handyman and I decided to enjoy mojitos made from the mint in our community garden. The mint's taken over it's own corner, so there was plenty for steeping in the syrup and for crushing in the glass.

I have absolutely no opinion about light rum versus gold, and I have no advice on "muddling" the flavors and mint in the bottom of the glass. But, what I managed to put together tasted delicious - and if you leave out the rum, it's a fun homemade soda for kids.

Head to for the recipe and all kinds of yummy tips.

(My simple syrup is in the jar with the yellow top - I think my porportions of brown sugar to white sugar were a little off... but it still tasted great!)


Anonymous said...

Now we're talkin'! Yeah for mojitos!

Victoria Williams said...

Mmmmmm....the perfect summer drink!
.....when we're not drinking wine, of course.