Sunday, June 8, 2008

kissing trees

It looks like Lynda's kissing that tree, doesn't it?

She's not.

She's smelling it. Yep, smelling that tree.

Yesterday, Lynda and I hiked up Mount Sentinel. I actually think Lynda ran, but I was breathing so hard that I couldn't focus that far ahead of me (and I pride myself on being quite the hiker). We got to the top, and after I finally caught my breath, I looked over to see Lynda, "kissing" this big Pondersa.

I can't believe I worked all those years out in the woods and never stopped to... um... smell the trees. The bark of Ponderosa trees smells like strong vanilla or butterscotch - it immediately made me want to run home and bake cookies. (Instead, when I finally got home, I went immediately into a hot, soaking lavendar bath.)

So, if you're ever out hiking and see a big Ponderosa (long needles, red bark, super-tall), don't hesitate to rush right up and kiss, hug, smell, or otherwise...