Wednesday, August 20, 2008

amy butler birdie sling bag

Or, "the bag that my totally cool mom made for me."

Or, "the bag that I found on African Kelli's blog that I absolutely adored." (and another...)

Or, "Emma's pillow."

I set the bag on the couch after ogling it for the longest time.  I went back to work, and Emma-Lou must have thought, "Hey, that looks comfy!"   Judging by all the places I've found her sleeping, I might just have to take that back.  EVERYthing looks comfy to her.  

So, the story behind the bag is that I saw it on African Kelli's blog.  I emailed my mom and said that she had to go take a look at the bag.  My mom immediately called me up to say that she'd had the pattern on hand for a little while, but she hadn't had a reason to get started on it yet.  But she wanted one.... a reason to make the bag.  Not the bag itself.

I have the most generous mama in the whole wide world.  I picked out the fabric, sent it to her, and she made me this AWESOME BAG which holds EVERYTHING and even has my name in it.  (Or, her nickname for me.  My mama sure does love the embroidering machine, but that's a story for another post.)

The only kicker is that now she says when she visits, I have to make one myself.... Reason says to start with some simple totes instead of this fancy sling, but I have a feeling reason will kick in when we sit down and remember why sewing machine lessons never went far - I'm a terrible sew student!

But I do like this bag, and would be tickled if I really could learn enough to make another myself (so I could pass on the sew love, too).  It's got these great pockets inside, and I can even manage to squeeze my computer in there.

And, of course, Emma's given her approval....

Even if she's the one thing that won't fit in the bag.


MissoulaChick said...

I NEED that fabric!!!

Where did you get it?


Daisy said...

On no honey. That would be some Joann fabric for ya! Have yet to go to Selvedge... maybe we can go together sometime.

Holy moly. I just realized it's got chickens on it!!! Now I get it... man, it feels like a Monday. Hope the ladies are doing well...

African Kelli said...

Okay, that is the best version of that pattern I've seen yet. It totally fits the "you" I have in my mind. Love it! And what great detail with the embroidery!
So glad you have such a kind mama. And three cheers for sewing lessons!

Anonymous said...

Do you need me to send you my address so she can make me one? It's so cute, I love it.

Joy said...

you really do have the most generous mama!

The bag looks fabulous -- is she taking orders? :)

the larsons said...

Don't tell too many people your nickname -- they might call you "Dizzy" for short?

I'm going to blog about the two ROCKS someone stole from our yard. Anyone ever steal rocks from you? Anyone steal veggies -- besides rabbits?

JGH said...

That is a very nice bag/dog pillow. If she's anything like my dog, she is guarding the chickens for herself.

Heather said...

I love that bag!! I need to work on my sewing skills...

Anonymous said...

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