Friday, August 15, 2008

pepper belles

These ladies are quite impressive.

There's not much foliage on those plants, at least compared to the Handyman's pepper plants.  And yet, my belles get bigger and bigger.

Everytime I leave the house, I pass by the raised beds.  Everytime I leave the house, I see those belles, and I attempt to will more leaves into existence.

Because in my mind, more leaves means a stronger plant.  Which is silly.

Because those peppers are doing just fine. Heavy foliage does not make a strong stem, and that's my biggest worry. How can those plants hold all those lovely belles up?

Tis a mystery.  I just know that they do.  And that they're beautiful.  And that I will eat them soon.  


Diane said...

Those peppers look gorgeous! Will you let them ripen into red or yellow, or eat them green? I just roasted up a bunch of red and green peppers on the barbeque (until they turned black!), let them sit in a bag for a few minutes (final steaming), then scraped off the black to get to the tender, cooked pepper underneath. Sliced them up, added olive oil and garlic...yum yum! BUt they weren't from my own plants, alas.

Many people here have beautiful gardens, but our soil is horrible! This year the shepherd promises us lots of free fertilizer come the fall/spring and maybe that will help. I barely have seen maybe one earthworm all year. Heavy clay full of rocks. Water is also a problems...but sunshine we've got lots of!

the larsons said...

When is the Montana Dept. of Tourism going to start listing your garden as a tourist destination? Soon, I suspect! -e.

Ali said...

Thanks for the 3 column blog link-I did it! :)