Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a delicious bonus

After I wrote that post on the Front Yard Idea Book, I had one of those rare moments when I remembered something I'd forgotten long ago...

While reading through gardening blogs, I found a review someone had written on a garden plan book.  The blogger gave the book rave reviews, and I made a mental note to go back and check out the book.  I put the blog on my iGoogle waited until I was heading to the public library to find the book.

By then, my iGoogle was full of garden blogs, and there were new posts on each of the blogs.  I clicked on several and tried to search archives and "book" or "review" tags, but I never found the book.  

I won't be making that mistake again.  If you've never checked out Delicious, you should go there right now.  I've got tags for recipes that I stumble across, book reviews for books I want to read, and, yes, even a few ideas for my yard-to-garden conversion.  Now my bookmark tool bar isn't cluttered with things I need to read when I have time to read them.  And, the organizational system is so easy - I type in notes on the bookmark when I make the bookmark. 

So, I just now remembered that book that I may never find.  I should have known better than to make a mental note - my brain space is cluttered with thousands of those mental notes, and it's rare that the post-it ends up on top of the pile when I need it.  Since I just remembered it, I thought I would pass this along.  I heard of Delicious months ago, but until I started pouring through blogs, I never had a need for it.


the larsons said...

I just joined Delicious on your recommend. Thank you for that! There are so many cool things going on online - dang!

You lived in Brevard, land of waterfalls -- lucky you! It rains more there than just about anywhere in the Eastern U.S.

I think about 5 people have died falling off falls since I moved here 5 years ago. As Bon Jovi might sing, "Slippery When Wet!"

Anonymous said...

I started using Delicious last year when I was trying to keep track of the many different websites I want to remember. :P I found the tags make the most difference for me, that way I don't have to search through 20+ pages of bookmarks!