Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sketchup and tomatoes

Are there any gardeners out there who have used Sketch Up to plan a garden?  I just downloaded it because I need to do something dramatic to my snooze-worthy front yard, but I want to take on so much that my vision gets muddled.  I need some planning tool that keeps me organized.  And focused.   Are there other programs out there anyone has heard of and liked?  Am I on the right track?

And, because I'm the kind of reader that hears words as she reads them, I've heard, "sketchup," over and over again for the last half hour.  "Sketchup" download, "sketchup" bonuses, "sketchup" instructions, "ketchup" and fries.

Yes, "SketchUp" became "sketchup" which became "ketchup" which made me think of tomatoes and then my hanging tomatoes and then I remembered!  

There was a question about the benefits of hanging tomatoes.  I haven't forgotten (at least not completely).  I was hoping to wait until the tomatoes turned a nice, hot, photogenic red, but it's been so cool here it might be September before they ripen.  So... it won't be the next post, but soon, I will muse on all things great concerning those nifty upside down tomato buckets.  I'd better wait until the Handyman returns from the Science Geek Convention anyway - he's the real expert.


Anonymous said...

A little redness on those maters might be nice!

I still love the buckets though. My kids call ketchup..check-up.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Daisy,The bucket is novel, do you have holes drilled in the bottom for the Tomatos to grow through?
I have a Tomato plant addiction, so there are five in a large grow bag, and six pots growing around greenhouse, plus four more tomato plants in baskets between the flowers.
I was thinking of Tomato and Basil soup with the crop if they ever ripen.It might be the end of September here before they do.

Johnna Knows Good Food: Yum Yum, Gimme Some! said...

Great info, thks!

Anonymous said...

Upside down tomatoes are great! I did not get a chance to grow them upside down this year, but next year I hope to grow all of my tomatoes upside down. *the neighbors are going to think I'm crazy, or cultivating drugs... one or the other*

Anonymous said...

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