Monday, August 4, 2008

quite the monday

Does anyone else feel like it's a particularly Monday-ish Monday?

I do.

I would much rather be outside.   Maybe doing something like this...

I think my pumpkins would rather me be doing something like this, too. The sprinklers at the community gardens come so so very close, but they do not actually hit three of my pumpkin plants next to the fence. They don't look as though they struggle - they're just small.

And it makes me sad.

Because surely all the other pumpkin plants mock them and their water-deprived location in life.

But it's Monday. And I have more work to do before I call it a day.

I guess it could be worse.

This guy's probably not having the greatest Monday.

Something tells me that he's probably not going to have the greatest Tuesday, either.

Yep, I'd say his week is pretty much shot.


Anonymous said...

Poor guy...
Love your photos and dive into gardening!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Daisy,
Thanks again for stopping by earlier today, and hope you'll come by again.

Your poor pumpkins! I take it you grow them in a community garden space? Ours are an unintended consequence of the compost, as I wrote in early July here.

In case you want to take a look. They're on the rampage now though, lol, but we hope we'll get at least a few for Halloween. Our corn was iffy for a while because storms kept knocking it down, but it's up to about 6 ft now and tasseling proudly! Can't wait for that and the tomatoes...