Monday, August 11, 2008

ribbonosauras and gratuitous baby shots

Oh, to be nimble with the thimble.

Most of the time I'm lamenting my lack of sewing skills because I'm drooling over some tote bag that I'd love to have.  When the girls came over last week for dinner, I was wishing I could sew because the little ribbonosauras that Leigh made was just too cute!

Cooper likes ribbons.  

Leigh can sew ribbons.

Oh, to be nimble with the thimble.

If only I could sew, I would be all the babies' favorite.  

Well, that is if I don't scare them all with my camera. I haven't mastered "favorite" status while holding the black picture-thingy.

I think Kit needs a ribbonsauras.  Surely I'd be HIS favorite if I could make him a ribbonasauras.

I think my hopes are in vain; moms are always favorite!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! I couldn't sew to save my life don't feel bad!