Sunday, March 16, 2008

forgotten coffee ice cream


The coffee ice cream gets churned.

I made the batter LAST Sunday, and I'm wondering if there were little fridge fairies that cast a spell on my batter to make it churn into such a small amount.  The recipe said it makes a quart, but I came up quite short of that.  It does taste DELICIOUS, and I'm definitely going to use this recipe again.  But... I will double or even triple it.  The final outcome was almost exactly a pint.  There's certainly more satisfaction in making my own versus driving to the store for some Ben and Jerry's, but I have to be real - I need a little more return on the effort.  So, doubling or tripling it is.

Also, when I made the batter, I stirred in double the ground coffee, and I think it's delightful... I'm a bit of a coffee-fanatic though.  If you like your coffee flavor in reasonable doses, disregard the last suggestion.

I should also mention that the other two batches of ice cream I made took a full twenty minutes to solidify. This recipe took a whopping five minutes. I couldn't even unload the dishwasher before I had to go turn the stirrer off!

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the larsons said...

Kitchen Aids are great, eh? Best wedding present we received! Wish I could have some of that ice cream!- e