Saturday, June 14, 2008

new dinnerware

Since I don't eat much meat, a grill has never made a whole lotta sense... But, in his daily perusing of Craigslist last weekend, the handyman found a little Weber grill that he just had to have. For $10, this never-used grill was quite the steal. Came with two full fuel bottles, too!

The handyman dared me to take pictures of the delivery of my other dining-related purchase. I chickened out... but I was able to snap a shot of truck without anyone noticing:

Not quite as cheap as the grill, but I think it will do much for my dining situation. After six and a half months of searching and one ridiculously embarrassing blowup with Pottery Barn (I'm sure I'm blacklisted now), I finally have a table in that big open space in my dining room. It's a long story that started with a search for a desk, then my dining table became my desk, then I needed a dining table... Anyway, I've got one now, so, Mom, next time you and Dad visit, we can actually sit down at something besides the kitchen counter.

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Anonymous said...

Oh good for can always grill fish and veggies!